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One of the things our clients always ask for is a unified approach to site location services and project management.  That involves many separate activities and interrelated processes.  Buy or lease property too soon and incentives can disappear.  Do it too late and the project can be delayed.  Neither option is viable with today’s accelerated project timelines.


Since all parts of the project depend on successful integration of process, it became clear we needed to bring the real estate acquisition component into the equation.  As a result, TDC Principals Janet Mathis and Craig Coil became Real Estate Brokers licensed In Illinois with relationships throughout the country.


Affiliated with Enterprise Realty LLC, a subsidiary of Agracel, Inc., in Effingham, Illinois, Mathis and Coil can now negotiate land or building purchases or leases for your project.  We can even help you sell your current facility or excess property through our national network of contacts and investors.


Real Estate.  Just another reason The Development Consortium is known as a full service economic development consulting firm.




Janet Mathis - Illinois Real Estate Brokers License #  475153958

Craig Coil - Illinois Real Estate Brokers License # 475151546




Central Illinois Office

Petersburg, Illinois 62675


Northern Illinois Office

Geneseo, Illinois 61254




Central Illinois Office

T: 888-586-3555 ext. 102


Northern Illinois Office

T: 888-586-3555 ext. 101



Central Illinois Office

Craig Coil


Northern Illinois Office

Janet Mathis


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