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Site Location and Incentive Negotiation


It's a challenge.  Every day businesses throughout the world are looking for a place to grow and prosper.  With so many options and, in many cases, so little time to formulate a strategy to find that "right" spot, it's easy to lose focus and miss opportunities.  That's where TDC can help. 


We help you quantify, plan and execute your location search process.  At the same time we use our relationships with development officials throughout the country to find that perfect match for the long term.  Maybe you just want  to expand where you are now.  We can help with that too!  


It's not rocket science..........but it does require a strategy, planning and coordination.


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Site Selection



Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, a start-up or anything in between. finding the right spot for your business can be a massive undertaking.


The old addage that it's Site ELIMINATION more than Site SELECTION certainly holds true.  And, TDC helps you make the elimination decisions that will lead you to finalizing a location. 


TDC helps you wade through the hype.  We first work with you to identify site, building, workforce and other locational criteria that are important to you and to your business.  That information is used by our team to generate a comprehensive, confidential,  Request For Proposals which is distributed to the geographies we have collaboratively identified for your site search.


We will evaluate and rank the responses based on what you feel are the objectives most important to you.  Our staff organizes and conducts site tours; works through incentive negociations with local, regional and state economic development entities and units of government;  and conducts visits with local employers to better understand the quality of the regions' workers as well as wages and benefits they currently receive.


The bottom line is that TDC asks the hard questions so you don't have to in order to get to the information you need.

Incentive Negotiation


Incentives mean different things to different projects.  Some require no governmental assistance through tax increment financing, bonding, loans, tax abatements, workforce training dollars, grants or a myriad of other forms of assistance, while other projects require that multiple resources be brought to the table to make the project viable.


TDC's principals collectively have more than 50 years of economic development experience.  They have worked through projects from the very simple straight-forward ones to those with very complicated financial stacks involving multiple financing tools and the entities that are responsible for them.


And, once we're done helping you put it all together, we understand the nuances involved in the incentive application processes and can be available to put those together as well.


Our record of success proves that TDC has the experience you need to negotiate the world of incentives.

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