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Organizational Management

TDC has vast experience operating and managing non-profit organizations of all types both as Executives and at the Board and Officer level.  If your organization needs help. give us a call and let TDC show you what we can offer, in a cost-effective and efficient manner.
The Edgar Fellows Program

TDC Principal Janet Mathis serves as the Executive Director of the Edgar Fellows Program, currently housed at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.   


The Edgar Fellows Program focuses on developing leadership and governing capacity in Illinois. It emphasizes the need to forthrightly address major policy issues without permitting partisan, ethnic and regional rivalries to trump statesmanship. It is designed to influence attitudes and foster mutual understanding. It holds the promise of facilitating bipartisan and cross-regional cooperation as class participants assume more influential public leadership roles. At no cost to them––other than transportation to and from Urbana-Champaign––Edgar Fellows participants participate in an intensive five-day executive leadership training program  on the campus of the U of I.



Founded and managed by TDC, ELEVATE ILLINOIS recognizes that Illinois is at its best when the whole state is strengthened and that Illinois citizens have much more in common than what divides them. From Rockford to Cairo, Quincy to Danville, Peoria to Carbondale - a strong vibrant Illinois requires unity and a renewed focus on what is good in the state. Ultimately, the downstate communities need Chicago and the suburbs while Chicago and the suburbs need downstate communities.

​ELEVATE ILLINOIS was formed on this premise and currently operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. The organization’s mission is to educate and unite the 95 Illinois counties which lie outside of the Chicago Metropolitan Planning area while enhancing the state of Illinois as a whole.

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